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Our beef, naturally

The European Union supports campaigns that promote high quality agricultural products.

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Enjoy European Beef: Tasty, secure and guaranteed

Our beef is produced in compliance with the requirements established by the European Production Model (EPM), which regulates the sector according to the highest quality and food safety standards in the world. These are the pillars of the EPM:

  • Animal Health and
  • Feeding Regulations.
  • Animal Welfare.
  • Sustainability and Respect for the Environment.
  • Traceability and Food Safety.


Our latest news

European beef and Michelin-starred chefs from Spain transform UAE's culinary landscape

European beef and Michelin-starred chefs from Spain transform UAE’s culinary landscape

Provacuno is on a mission to revolutionize the culinary landscape of the UAE. With an unwavering focus on elevating Emirati gastronomy, Provacuno aims to introduce the Emirates to the exquisite flavours and quality of European beef from Spain. This initiative aims to enrich local dishes, infusing them with a touch of European sophistication, all while fostering a deep appreciation for the unparalleled taste and quality that European beef from Spain brings to the table.


Enjoy our recipes

Enjoy our delicious and innovative recipes. All our recipes contain the essential element that is our tasty meat. Some of the most prestigious chefs consider our beef to be one of the essential ingredients for preparing their star dishes.