SAUTÉ SIRLOIN – Wonderful Beef


3 April, 2018

Ingredients (for 4 people):

– 160 gr of beef sirloin

– 180 gr of daikon

– 8 gr of mushrooms

– 16 gr of red potato

– Apple

– 4 gr of onion

– 4 gr of leek

– 4 gr of carrot

– 24 ml of Porto wine

– 40 gr foie


 In a souté with a cover, stir-fry the sliced red potato with oil. When they are tender, remove the oil and add in raw diced daikon, apple and mushrooms. Spray the Porto wine and let it boil a few seconds. Finally, add a bit of meat broth.

In a frying pan, add oil and a bit of foie and a brunoise of carrot, onion and leek. Brown the sirloin on the brunoise. Once golden, remove the sirloin and add Porto wine, letting reduce the alcohol and adding the meat broth.


Place the sirloin in the souté and pour the reduction of Porto wine. Finally,cook it slightly.

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