STEAK TARTAR – Wonderful Beef


3 April, 2018

Ingredients (for 4 people):

– 100 gr of beef sirloin

– 20 gr of anchovies

– 7 gr of capers

– 7 gr of Dijon mustard

– 4 gr of pickles

– 4 gr of chives

– 20 gr chopped onions

– 13 gr of egg yolk

– 7 ml of virgin olive oil

– 7 gr of tabasco

– 7 ml of Perrins sauce

– 60 gr of sliced toasted bread.



Chop the beef sirloin into large pieces and put it at enviroment temperature. Chop the capers, pickles, chives, onion and anchovies in brunoises. After this, blend the mixture with the mustard, the Perrins sauce and egg yolk. Add tabasco to your liking.



Place the meat on the plate and add toasted bread slices as garnish

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