8 May, 2018

A successful conclusion for the reverse trade mission with vietnamese journalists within the framework of the “what a wonderful beef!” campaign, created to promote spanish beef

  • The Vietnamese media delegation was shown the various phases of the beef production, industrialization and marketing process
  • One of the primary goals of the visit was to verify compliance with animal health and welfare standards throughout the beef sector supply chain.
  • Within a few months, business and trade with Vietnam could be a reality

Madrid, 26 March 2018 – On Friday, 23 March the reverse trade mission with Vietnamese journalists organized by PROVACUNO and included in the European “What a Wonderful Beef!” project came to an auspicious end. The visit marked the launch of the 2018 promotional campaign for foreign markets.

The visit was a first step towards introducing Spanish beef into the Vietnamese market. Following the recent opening up of Vietnamese borders, the country has become a market of interest for European operators, given the potential and quality of its consumers: 90 million inhabitants, young for the most part (60% of the population is under 30), with a growing purchasing power and an increasing demand for western goods.

Different acts were organized during the visit to include all those involved in the beef production, industrialization and distribution process, and the visitors were able to see first-hand the rigor of our processes and the quality of the product.

The delegation became acquainted with the work model of our cattle concerns, and was pleasantly surprised by the natural grain-based feed manufacturing process. They were also able to verify full compliance with animal welfare conditions and environmental protection, as well as with the maintenance of the traceability system for the full life of the animals on the cattle ranch.

The visit also took them to various manufacturing centers, where the delegation was introduced to the advanced technological systems used during the industrialization phase, as well as to the sophisticated and demanding control procedures. Advances in R&D&i and other significant developments in our industry to guarantee food safety, traceability and quality control, allow us to confidently offer safe, high-quality products.

The round of events concluded with a visit to the facilities of the Mercamadrid Central Meat Market, where the Vietnamese representatives saw how meat is processed inside a large distribution market, as well as the safety and hygiene measures and the technological advances involved in the processing phase. The final result – to offer our meat products in top condition for the full enjoyment of the consumer.

The visit closed on a high note with the Conference on Exporting Beef to Vietnam, organized by PROVACUNO with the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA). Participants included Javier López, President of PROVACUNO, Miguel Ángel Martín, Deputy Director General of Health Agreements and Border Control of MAPAMA, Mr. Ngo Tien Dung, Ambassador to Spain from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuong, Commercial Attaché from the Embassy of Vietnam in Spain, Álvaro Espejo, market analyst for OPERA GB and Mercedes Gilgado, representative from the Subdirectorate-General for Agri-Food Promotion of MAPAMA and conference keynote speaker.

During her keynote, Mercedes Gilgado underlined the efforts put forth by PROVACUNO to introduce their products to foreign markets, with the most recent example being the “What a Wonderful Beef!” project, co-financed by the EU with an investment of 2.25 million euros for commercial efforts in Vietnam, as well as in other target countries for the beef industry.

The conclusions highlighted by the various participants in the conference pointed to the importance of the Vietnamese market for European operators, the optimum health and hygiene conditions of our livestock concerns, the high degree of industrial technification and safety, and our compliance with the European Production Model. Taken together, they provide a guarantee of safety and quality, which will be the standard we use to position our beef in the Vietnamese market in counterposition to our competitors, led by India, Australia and the United States.

In his comments to the representatives of the top Spanish companies, the Ambassador to Spain from Vietnam, Mr. Ngo Tien Dung, remarked on the high level of understanding between our countries and the desire to further business connections between our nations with Spanish beef as part of the handshake.

Miguel Ángel Martín, Deputy Director General of Health Agreements and Border Control of MAPAMA, indicated that the first business transactions with Vietnam could become a reality in just a few weeks.

The conference wrapped up with a talk by market analyst Álvaro Espejo, who highlighted the reasons why Vietnam is one of the most attractive markets for European beef: we can focus on the characteristics of the product, the demand for beef (imports have increased fivefold in the past five years), and a purchasing power in constant escalation, making the Asian country one of the most attractive markets for European beef.

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