8 May, 2018

What a Wonderful Beef!, the campaign sponsored by provacuno to promote beef in non eu-countries

  • The 3-year promotional campaign will be taken to countries like Saudia Arabia, UAE, Hong Kong and Vietnam, and will be subsidized by the EU
  • The contract to get the project underway is expected to be signed in January 2018
  • The campaign has been designed to demonstrate and promote the qualities and characteristics of Spanish beef in countries outside our borders


Madrid, 12 December 2017 – The project to promote Spanish beef in non-EU countries, which the Inter-professional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry (PROVACUNO) presented to the EU, has been selected to be executed in 2018-2021 with 80% co-funding from the EU. PROVACUNO will roll out a promotional campaign with a view to raising awareness about Spanish beef in non-EU countries and presenting the characteristics and qualities of our product in foreign markets. The 3-year program will be executed under the slogan, “What a wonderful beef!”, and responds to a budget of 2,250,000 euros.

The contract is expected to be signed in January 2018, and the association will implement promotional actions in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Hong Kong and Vietnam. PROVACUNO will participate in the main trade fairs held in these countries: Foodex Saudi, Gulfood Dubai, HOFEX Hong Kong and Food & Hotel Vietnam.

Several parallel activities have been planned, including events aimed at importers and the media, sector analyses in these countries, reverse trade missions, and other acts to position Spanish beef as a high-value alternative in those markets.

This action, which is part of the International Promotional Plan which the Inter-professional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry will roll out in 2018, aims to establish and strengthen commercial ties and reinforce the presence of Spanish beef in these demanding markets, some of which have just recently opened up their borders to beef from Spain.

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