European beef in Saudi Arabia – Wonderful Beef

European beef in Saudi Arabia

5 November, 2018

Last November 5h, in the Spanish Embassy in Riyadh, it took place the presentation event for the Spanish Beef Sector, within the framework of the EU Program “What a Wonderful European Beef” which is cofinanced by the European Union.

The event was inaugurated by the Ambassadr of Spain in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Álvaro Iranzo, PROVACUNO International Manager, José Ramón Godoy who explained the attendees the main characterictics of the Beef Sector, the quiality assurance along the whole production chain (feeded with grains, mear from young veals under 12 months, guarantee of food safety, absence of hormones – antibiotics  treatmentsas well as the European Quality Control System for the production model; the most important control model in the World.

It was also mentioned that most of the Spanish Producers can deliver Halal Certificate products as a consequence of the fastgrowing demand of these products.

The event ended with the Chef Fernando del Cerro (Casa José Restaurant – Aranjuez) who was a Michelin Star holder for 20 years. The chef explained the attendees that beef meat has multuple Culinary aplications depending on the cut you choose. This meat is highly appreciated by the Spanish chefs due to its versatility in the kitchen, for the extremely high quality of the product, becase its tenderness of the meat and its taste.

The event was organised in close liaison with the Consulate of Spain in Arabia Saudi, through Mr Antonio Gómez – Crespo

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