European beef in Saudi Arabia – Wonderful Beef

European beef in Saudi Arabia

8 November, 2018

The call for our Beef Meat in front of the Media Representatives, Bloguers Influencers, organised in Jeddah has been a complete success. More than 25 media representatives from the most wellknown communication means in Jeddah actively atended in this seminar in which it was highlighted the main diferential characteristics and multiple possibilities of our meat with the intention of the implementation of this meat in the Saudi gastronomy.

The event ended with a tasting cocktail made of “tapas” prepared by our team mate Chef Fernando del Cerro, who did explain the attendees the differences in the cuts of the meat and their different possibilities although all the cuts share the main characteristics of our meat; the tenderness and tastefull which make this meat different from the other countries meats.

The attendees whic were very interested in this tasting event could check the quality of the products, they also could havve the chance to have relaxed conversations with PROVACUNO representatives and their next question was where can we find this kind of beef meat? This mean san opportunity for our industry to encourage them to reinforce their comercial actions to meet the saudí customers´demand.

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