European beef in Saudi Arabia – MASTER CLASS – Wonderful Beef

European beef in Saudi Arabia – MASTER CLASS

11 November, 2018

The Team of the Program “What a Wonderful European Beef” (cofinanced by European Union) has developed a workshop / cook training for the pupils of the prestigeous Faculty of Tourism – Management in Jeddah. The goal of this event was to present the differential characerictics of our beef meat and to show all the potential Culinary possibilities of a premuim product as ours is.

The event which as followed by the students and teachers of this Cooking School, has been the mean to propose an alternative to the meats they are currently using in the Saudi kitchens offering a more tender meat, more suculent and lower fat rate than the ones obtained from older animal sor animals feeded with grass.

In the words of Fernando del Cerro, team mate Chef for our Program in Saudi Arabia, Michelin Starred Chef for more than 20 years in his restaurante CASA JOSE in Aranjuez – Madrid, “this beef meats come from animals feeded with grains and it means that ti has less rate of wáter than animals feeded with grass; thus, when you cook it, the meat has less weakening (we will ahev in the final product / récipe, more amount of meat than if we would do it with soe other origins meats feeded with grass and acoordingly, this meat will not suffer of the loss of taste as there is minor loss of nutriens and the elements which provide the taste, as it happens with the excess wáter that goes away in the cooking”.

The students could see life the different techniques proposed to treat the different cuts used in the master class. The skillness of Chef Fernando del Cerro and the quality of our beef meat have been the tools to convince them to look for the alternative to the high quality meats in the Saudi market.

Mr. Godoy, PROVACUNO International Manager, mentioned that “you have to distinguish among the high quality meats sold in this market. Our meat is a meat with a different taste and texture from the rest and it comes as a consequence of the European quality standards and the European food safety production model the Spanish industry is forced to accomplish. This is the most exigent production model in the world which guarantees the highest standards of quality and safety.

The event ended with the Faculty Manager´s words who was pleased and excited to have had the experience of this event he considered of great value for the knowledge in depth of an unknown meat under the umbrela of the Program “What a Wonderful European Beef”.

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