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Launching of “What a WonderfulBeef” campaign in Vietnam

19 November, 2018

Next 26th of November, PROVACUNO, the Agro-food Inter-professional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry, leading the campaign co-financed by the European Union, will host two events in order to introduce the unique characteristics of the European beef and, specially, the Spanish beef.

The target of the events will be media in one of the events and importers, prescribers and Vietnamese Government Authorities in the other. Those events will have special importance due to the imminent opening of the Vietnamese beef market that will allow European beef producers to export to Vietnam.

The Head of the International Department of Provacuno, Mr. José Ramón Godoy, as a representative of the Organization, will remark the importance of the opening of the Vietnamese market which is now a priority for the Spanish beef producer, as it has a good growth potential due to the increase of the purchasing power and the demanding of high quality products.

Mr. Godoy will remark uniqueness of the European beef for its high quality, due to some of particularities:  cows consume only high quality cereals, the variety in the range of ages of the animals, the absence of antibiotics and hormones in the animals, the low fat and special flavor and the strict sanitary control and accomplishment of the European Production Model.

After the speech, the attendance will have the opportunity to enjoy the cooking show offer by one of the most well recognized Spanish chef with a Michelin Star, Kisko García, who will prepare three different recipes using Spanish beef.

Kisko is nowadays one of the most representatives of the Spanish cuisine. He is host in the most popular Spanish Cooking TV Channel “Canal Cocina”.

His restaurant “Choco” was awarded with a Michelin Star in 2012 and has been renewing the award until now. The restaurant has been also received many other recognition: “Soles Repsol” award, the “Revelation Award of Spanish restaurant in Andalucía” and  “Restaurant award” by the top Chef Summit “Madrid Fusion”, “Andalucía sabor award”.

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