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“What a Wonderful European Beef” in Vietnam ends up successfully

Last week, Vietnamese had the opportunity to learn about the characteristics and the high quality of the European and, specially, the Spanish beef and to taste its delicious flavor in three different events in Hanoi. The events took place in a very special moment, as at the same day it was announced the opening of the Vietnamese market for four Spanish beef companies.

The first event was addressed to the most popular Vietnamese media, in which twenty journalist had the opportunity to learn about the uniqueness of the European beef during the speech that the Head of the International Department of Provacuno (Mr. José Ramón Godoy), offered to them. The journalist also had the chance to taste three different beef receipts cooked by the Spanish Michelin Star chef, Kisko García. In the Question and Answer round the journalist expressed a high interest in the European beef and its advantages compared with another kind of imported beef.

Government authorities, importers and opinion leaders were the guest of the second event in which they welcome the news of the opening of the Vietnamese market for Spanish beef companies. During the event, the attendances had the opportunity to know in detail about the uniqueness of the European beef due to some of particularities, from which Mr.Gody remarked: “cows consume only high quality cereals, the variety in the range of ages of the animals, the absence of antibiotics and hormones in the animals, the low fat and special flavor and the strict sanitary control and accomplishment of the European Production Model”.

The round of event finished with a cooking show, in which Mr. Kisko García, explained Vietnamese opinion leaders in the food industry, media, importers and authorities how to cook the Spanish beef and also different ways to use the beef, combining it with Vietnamese ingredients. In the event, the attendances has the opportunity to exchange their feelings about the taste and their preference about the way to cook the beef.

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