Succesful events in Ho Chi Mihn city – Wonderful Beef

Succesful events in Ho Chi Mihn city

25 April, 2019

Vietnamese media, importers and distributors have welcomed the European Campaign in Ho Chi Minh.

In the second year of the campaign in Vietnam -after the launching of last year in Hanoi- What a Wonderful Beef has celebrated two events in Ho Chi Minh in order to promote the quality and uniqueness of the European beef and, specially, the Spanish beef. Media and commercial agents (importers, distributors and HORECA) has attended to the two events that has been taking in Vietnam.

In the events, the Head of the International Department of PROVACUNO, Mr. José Ramón Godoy, has remarked the special importance of the Vietnamese market due to its potential growth and the increasing number of a high income class who really appreciate the uniqueness of the European products. The Vietnamese has been also able to taste the beef products with original recipes designed and cooked by the well known chef, Mrs. Dieu Thao.

The guests have showed a high interest in knowing the difference of the European beef compared with the beef imported from other countries and the status of the beef imported from Spain after the opening of the Vietnamese market. Vietnamese companies have remarked their interest in increasing the knowledge about the Spanish beef products and to establish conversations with Spanish companies to import their products.

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