Food and Hotel Exhibition: last and main activity in Vietnam – Wonderful Beef

Food and Hotel Exhibition: last and main activity in Vietnam

26 April, 2019

Vietnamese importers, distributors and HORECA Channel has had the opportunity to get a deeper knowledge of the special characteristics of the European beef during the three days of the FHV Exhibition that has taken place in Ho Chi Minh.

During the exhibition, the Head of the International has remarked the high quality of the European beef due to different reasons, mainly the variety in the range of ages of the animals, the absence of antibiotics and hormones in the animals, the low fat and special flavor and the strict sanitary control and accomplishment of the European Production Mode.

Vietnamese has been able to taste the Spanish beef in the cooking shows that the well recognize chef, Mrs. Dieu Thao has been offering during the Exhibition. The visitants have had the opportunity to taste three different recipes created by the Vietnamese chef, who has combined the European beef with the traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Many importers and important distributors have shown their interest to know the difference about the European and another imported food and they have established conversations with Spanish beef producers in order to start to import their products.

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