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What a Wonderful European Beef will be promoting in Hong Kong!

6 May, 2019

PROVACUNO, the Interbranch Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry, will be in Hong Kong from the 6th to the 10th of May to keep promoting European Beef.

In the frame of the second year of “What a Wonderful European Beef” campaign, PROVACUNO will celebrate two events, one addressed to media and one to importers, distributors, HORECA Channel and Authorities.

The first event addressed to media will take place the 6th of May and the second one will be the 8th of May, during the HOFEX Exhibition, in which PROVACUNO will participate.

During these activities, PROVACUNO will explain the main nutritional characteristics of the European cows that is based on the consumption of cereal and oilseed of high nutritional value. The production of beef in Spain is distinctive because of its sustainable production model, the type of young animals consumed, the variety of cuts depending on the age at the time of slaughter, the variety of breeds and distinctive quality seals.

Hong Kong is one of the regions where the organization is putting a big effort to promote the European Beef, due to the high recognition of its citizens of high quality products and its strategic location in Asia.

PROVACUNO will be at the HOFEX Exhibition (from 7th to 10th of May) waiting to meet professionals interested in receiving more information about European beef.

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