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What a Wonderful Beef Campaign keeps promoting European Beef in Hong Kong!

10 May, 2019
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Hong Kong media, KOL, importers, distributors, supermarket chains and Horeca professionals have attended the two events organized by Provacuno and co-funded by the European Union which promote its wonderful European beef in Hong Kong

With the occasion of the second year European Campaign “What a Wonderful Beef!”, Provacuno has organized two different events: one media event with more than 35 media and, one commercial event where more than 60 Hong Kong importers, distributors and professionals from Horeca and Supermarket chains have met to learn more about the quality and uniqueness of the European beef and in special, the Spanish beef.

During both events, the Head of the International Department of Provacuno, Mr. José Ramón Godoy, has put special emphasis on the importance of Hong Kong market due to the rapid growth during the last few years showing that Hong Kongese are welcoming European beef more and more every year. Beef industry professionals who attended the event could also taste European beef cooked by a famous Spanish chef, Juan Luis Fernandez, who prepared for them three special dishes that were a fusion of European beef with Asian ingredients.

Attendees were very interested in the way European cattle is feed and the special characteristics of the cattle breeds that are raised in Spain. They were also interested in the differences of the European beef compared with the beef imported from other countries. At the end of the event, Hong Kong professionals could have B2B meetings with Spanish beef importers. This part was very interesting for both Hong Kongese and Spanish who could make a direct commercial contact.

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