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Spanish Beef Association hits the Saudi Market

31 October, 2019

Spanish Beef Association hits the Saudi Market once again after their successful appearance in last year’s Foodex Saudi Exhibition.

PROVACUNO has been developing a 3-year project for the promotion of European beef to position their beef in the export market as a product of the hi¬ghest quality and standards. The quality of the meat they provide is a result of a strict compliance with the European production model: the safest and tastiest meat.

With their export standard beef, the Spanish Beef Association is once again coming to Saudi Arabia after the last year’s successful exhibition participation in Foodex Saudi 2018 and expanding the promotional activities as well.

This year, Spanish beef association will make an appearance again on 11th November and not surprisingly a large amount of guests are expected to be impressed with the beef and a live cooking show for the audience, led by Michelin star rated chef Kisko Garcia who will also expand his expertise by offering a culinary master class in King Abdulaziz University on 13th of November.

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