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“An Evening of European Beef from Spain”, a tasting event will be held to introduce European and Spanish beef to domestic meat producers.

The “Evening with European beef from Spain” event is part of Provacuno's Wonderful Beef 2.0 campaign, which began last year in Japan with the aim of raising awareness of the high quality and safety of European and Spanish beef in the Japanese market.

Since the ban on Spanish beef and lamb imports was lifted in January 2 years ago, PROVACUNO has held two online business meetings between local meatpackers and meat processing companies and Japanese food-related companies.

However due to the ongoing travel restrictions from the Coronavirus variants, the event will be conducted in a hybrid online style, featuring a live video stream to Spain & in person cooking show featuring Japanese expert chefs. The number of participants will be limited to 50 (seated style), and thorough infection control measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the participants.

Via online video streaming, Provacuno’s management team will discuss important topics such as the European production model. EU beef exports to Japan are governed by this strict European production model, which ensures food safety through animal health and feeding regulations, animal welfare, sustainability and environmental considerations, and traceability.

This event is scheduled for March 31 at the Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower. This hotel opened on April 11, 1998 as a lodging-oriented hotel. The hotel is rooted in the community and operates under the Odakyu brand, which provides security, comfort, quality, and excitement, and is centered on three management policies.

Following an introductory video and speech about European and Spanish beef by José Ramón Godoy, International Manager of Provacuno, will be followed by a cooking show featuring several cuts of Wonderful Beef. At the helm of this unique culinary experience is culinary expert Chef Atsushi Ishikawa.

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In 1991, after gaining experience at Odakyu Resorts’ Yamano Hotel, Chef Atsushi Ishikawa moved to France at the age of 26, where he honed his skills at restaurants in Paris and Bordeaux. In January 2022, he was appointed as the Food & Beverage Manager, Culinary Manager, and Chef de Cuisine. Currently, he is also in charge of the service of the hotel’s directly managed restaurants.

This event will highlight several distinctive cuts of beef, such as

  • Beef tongue is a cut that has been popularized in Japan for decades with a variety of original dishes. It has been described as having a soft, mild, and slightly chewy texture.
  • Striploin meat is cut from the longissimus of beef, so it has an especially tender and fragrant taste.
  • Ribeye meat, which is lightly processed from the upper part of the thorax of European cattle raised on a grain-fed diet, is characterized by its tasty and tender meat quality. The marbling of fat makes it suitable for cooking with quick heat.