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Did you know that the age of the animals have an effect on the beef?

Discover how the age of the animals have an effect on the beef.

It is well-know that issues such as the country of procedure, the feeding and the animal conditions have an impact on the final product. For this reason, European beef is among the best products in terms of quality in the world.

But there are other things influencing the final product. For example, did you know that the age of the animals has an impact in the final beef?

In order to raise awareness about this, PROVACUNO has launched an animated spot, on which the differences of the beef products depending on the animal age are clearly explained.

This spot, which has been produced in the framework of the European promotion campaign “What wonderful European Beef”, is intended to show the versatility of our beef placing value on all the features of the product.

Arabian version:

Japanesse version:

Vietnamese version:

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