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EU Beef from Spain Festival

European beef takes centre stage at exclusive ‘EU Beef from Spain Festival’ in Danang, Vietnam

Beef buyers and HORECA representatives from Danang were treated to an informative and delicious experience at the Showroom Festival on 16th November. Organised by the Agro-Food Interprofessional Organisation of the Spanish Beef Industry (Provacuno) as part of the European promotional programme ‘What Wonderful European Beef 2.0!’, the event provided a platform to explore the superior qualities and benefits of European beef from Spain.

At the event of EU Beef from Spain Festival, Mr José Sánchez-Barroso, Honorary Vice Consul of Spain in Danang and Vice President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, delivered a warm welcome speech. Mr Sánchez-Barroso highlighted the exceptional quality of European products and encouraged Vietnamese buyers to enrich their portfolio by including European beef from Spain.

Mr Cao Tri Dung, Director of the Danang Tourism Association, then gave an insight into the development of trade relations between Europe and Spain with Vietnam in recent years.

After him, Mr José Ramón Godoy, International Director of Provacuno, highlighted the key attributes of European beef, including high quality, taste, food safety, traceability and a wide range of cuts. In terms of European exports, Mr Godoy particularly highlighted the significant growth in Spanish beef exports to Vietnam, which are set to reach 2,100 tonnes in 2022, establishing the country as a key destination for the promotion of European beef. 

Mr Godoy explained: “European beef follows the strict European Production Model (EPM), which regulates the sector according to the highest quality and food safety standards in the world. This model is based on principles such as animal welfare, grain feed, sustainability, respect for the environment, traceability and food safety“. 

To add a culinary dimension to the EU Beef from Spain Festival, Michelin star awarded Spanish chef Kisko García prepared three delicious recipes using different cuts of European beef, allowing attendees to see first-hand the virtues of the European beef from Spain.

Buyers expressed their enthusiasm, with many saying: “The beef is really juicy and tasty; we are keen to include more European beef cuts in our portfolio

Provacuno remains committed to the Vietnamese market and actively participated in the FHV exhibition in Hanoi. Looking ahead, the company is organising a buyers’ trip in February 2024.



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