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The WWB campaign is committed with the targets of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and the Green Deal.

In recent years, the European Union as set as a priority the achievement of a sustainable and environmentally-friendly food system. This way, in the framework of the Green Deal, the European Commission has launched the “Farm to Fork Strategy” aiming at acceleration the transition to a sustainable food system that will have a neutral environmental impact, help to mitigate the climate change and ensure food security, thus fostering competitiveness of the EU supply sector.

In that way, the European beef sector is making huge efforts in order to guarantee that our beef is produced in line with the environmental protection standards and assuring animal welfare through all stages of the production.

In this sense, PROVACUNO – through the WWB campaign- is committed to raise awareness among the main stakeholders of the markets of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Japan about the importance of sustainability. Besides, this is also expected to place value on the European beef within the target countries, as achieving an environmentally-friendly production model is considered indispensable to maintain life as we know it today.



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