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Great success of the reverse trade mission from the KSA

Great success of the reverse trade mission from the KSA.

After the slowdown in the on-site activities caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we are back in business!

As part of the “What Wonderful European Beef 2.0” campaign, PROVACUNO has invited 6 meat importers from Saudi Arabia to get to know first-hand all the features that make our beef unique.

This way, during the week that they have spent in Spain, they visited one farm, 2 slaughterhouses, 2 cutting plants and Mercamadrid (the biggest wholesaler market of Spain), where they could check personally, why the European production model is among the toughest in the world.

Besides, during the trip, they were also informed about key issues for the European beef sector such as traceability, food security, sustainability and animal welfare, which nowadays are priorities among the industry. 

All of this while enjoying our culture, landscapes and food, but always keeping the focus on the most important part of the business trip: get to know our wonderful European beef.



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