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Inbound promotion mission with importers from Japan

Due to the reduction of mobility restrictions from the Japanese government, Provacuno has invited beef operators from the country to visit Spain.

Finally, and after a while of waiting, the Spanish association has been able to invite Japanese importers to visit Spain. This is an inbound promotion mission with a group of 6 meat importers from Japan. This way, between the 22nd and 27th of May, the guests will visit several beef factories, slaughterhouses and feedlots throughout the Spanish geography, where they will see first-hand the importance of issues such as the sustainabilityanimal welfare and sanitary control, which makes the European Production Model one of the world’s most strict food control and, in the end, make the European Beef unique, for both its quality and security.  

This activity, which is part of the “What Wonderful European Beef 2.0” campaign, is aimed at promoting the European Beef in Japan, with the objective of increasing the EU beef exports to the country. This trade mission is the first activity of the second year of the program and it is expected to carry out many more during this period even in Tokyo.



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