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Made in Europe

from Spain


EPM: The most secure system

Our beef is produced in compliance with the requirements established by the EUROPEAN PRODUCTION MODEL (EPM), which regulates the sector according to the highest quality and food safety standards in the world. The sustainability of our beef sector is based on strict compliance with EPM standards.


Our pillars

Animal Health and Feeding Regulations.

According to EU legislation on animal disease prevention and control measures, and biosafety measures for livestock operations and processing industries. The use of hormones for growth promotion is prohibited.

Animal Welfare and a unique certification.

All actors in the chain follow the strictest regulations in the world. Animals raised with a higher quality of life will produce a better product with higher levels of production. Our beef sector is the global leader in animal welfare.

Environmental responsability.

The sector is deeply committed to sustainability. It isparticipating in the european LIFE BEEF CARBON project and the “CARBON NEUTRAL 2050” strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

Traceability and Food Safety.

Traceability measures for our beef make it possible to trace a product at any time, from farm to table, in order to guarantee a healthy, safe, quality product


A guarantee for the consumer

From the livestock establishment to the point of sale, our traceability provides for the uninterrupted flow of information between the various phases of the production process. This is a guarantee of food safety.

The information is recorded in a Data Base (RIIA), which includes comprehensive information on each animal that enters the production chain.


Leaders in protocol for animal welfare

Provacuno has designed a certification for compliance with Animal Welfare (called ‘Compromiso Bienestar Animal’) which establishes requirements surpassing European regulations in this area.

The certification is granted as assurance that maximum protection is provided for all animals, helping to improve and maintain the competitiveness of livestock operations.