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Our beef

TASTY, Healthy and secure

Unique characteristics of our beef

The versatility of our beef offers many alternatives on the plate. And all of them are good. The variety of possibilities depending on the age of the animal, the nuances provided by a diet of grains, and strict compliance with the EUROPEAN PRODUCTION MODEL make for excellent quality beef.


Our beef cuts

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Prime rib/ rib eye 

A clean, juicy, and tender meat that connects the chuck to the fifth or seventh rib. It is the front part of the loin and its cuts are highly valued. 

Ideal for: frying, griddling, grilling and broiling.

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Tender and tasty meat, chops can be removed. It is a lean piece of meat with streaks of fat. 

Ideal for: stewing and braising.

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Fore shank or shoulder

This lean cut is flat and covered with a whitish cloth called tez, it has a very pleasant taste and is tender and juicy.

Ideal for: one of the best pieces to roast whole in the oven or stew.

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Is one of the most versatile cuts of beef, an elongated piece with a lot of fat.

Ideal for: barbecue

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Shin or Shank

Lower part of the leg, with some nerves and fat. Very gelatinous, mellow, tender and rich in collagen. The meat is quite tough, as it has a good amount of muscle in the meat.

Ideal for: meat stews and casseroles, slow-cooked dishes.

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It is a cut of beef taken from the abdominal muscles or the lower part of the brisket. Because it’s intramuscular fat is so thin, Bavette steak can overcook and dry out very easily.

Ideal for: so it is recommended to cook it quickly and at high temperatures to achieve a perfect.

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They are pieces acquired from the loin area. It is made up of the bones of the ribs and the meat that covers them, lean and gelatinous. Juicy cut and good value for money.

Ideal for: the grill.

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Cuts from this area are lean, very tasty and best when braised, or marinated and grilled.

Ideal for: grilling and marinating

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Trip-tip / Rump tail

Is a small triangular-shaped cut taken from the hind section of the rump or the sirloin. Offers a range of aromatic flavours within its rich texture.This depends on the way it is cut, but Trip-tip is a tender cut of meat.

Ideal for: is a must-have for barbecue.

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Hind shank

It tends to be tough, dry and sinewy, so it is best when cooked for a long time in moist heat. As it is very lean, it is widely used to prepare very low-fat ground meat.

Ideal for: soups.

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Heel muscle

Cut from the hindquarter without fat and sinews, is a mild and flavourful cut. The heel is a triangular cut, can be divided by a membrane but it is barely noticeable in the overall taste.

Ideal for: excellent for  stewing or casseroles.

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One of the large lean cuts, silverside is somewhat dry and hard because of its low fat content. It makes well-presented and quality steaks.

Ideal for: used for stewing and roasting.

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Eye Round

Named for its shape, eye round is a tender cut as it contains no nerves and little fat. It can be somewhat dry, depending on how it is prepared, but less so than silverside. 

Ideal for: roasts, stews, mechado, dishes prepared with minced meat, and breaded escalopes.

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Tip/ Topside

A cut that encloses the other leg cuts, which is valued for grilling and frying. Appealing and lean, tapside is a tender cut.

Ideal for: make escalopes, and is also ideal for grilling or battering.

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The tail offers the gelatinous meat attached to the final vertebrae of the animal’s tail. It contains fat and is very tasty.

Ideal for: slow-cooked stews and broths.

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Thick flank

A very lean cut, making it ideal for roasting joints . It is a boneless joint and if seam cut it can produce premium steaks, such as the centre cut steak.

Ideal for: Pan Fry, barbecue

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Without much fat, this is a very good cut for filets. As a result of the low fat content, it is a little dry and ideal for cooking in batter. 

Ideal for: meat sandwiches or grilled

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Is a juicy, tender cut that is low in fat and heart-shaped which will be tender if they are well cut, perpendicular to the fibre. Rump roast is a boneless piece of beef.

Ideal for: grill.

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The back of the loin is also lean, juicy and tender. While the prime ribs are lengths of the long ribs, the striploin contains the short ribs.

Ideal for: grill, broiled or fried.

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One of the most valued cuts is tenderloin, which is located on the inner side of the lower back. It can be divided into top, bottom and tip. Filet mignon is obtained from the tip, with tournedó being cut from the thick fillets from the bottom, and chateaubriand from the top.

Ideal for: grill, broiled or fried.

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Different ages, same quality

Our beef offers different possibilities, depending on the age of the animal. All of them are fed on a diet of high-quality grains and oilseed with a nutritional value. In Europe and Spain we have got the most demanding system for the control of production from farm to table.