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Provacuno European campaign

Provacuno starts its third year of European campaign in Japan, Vietnam, KSA and UAE!

New exciting activities are being prepared for the last year of What Wonderful European Beef! 2.0 campaign.

For this last year of the European promotion campaign What Wonderful European Beef! 2.0 many exciting activities are in preparation with the aim to continue increasing the perceived value of the high-quality beef and European food safety credentials, and continue improving the positioning of European beef exporters as a major meat supplier in the selected countries (Japan, UAE, KSA and Vietnam). 

Addresses to trade professionals, media, cooking students and final consumers, the campaign will organize a lively series of activities, both in the foreign target markets and in Spain.

The program includes the active participation in international exhibitions such as Foodex Japan 2024 and Food & Hotel Hanoi 2023. Also, dedicated masterclasses with renowned chef from Spain will be arranged, in major cities such as Tokyo and Riyad, to teach the future chefs about the excellent European beef and create notoriety and reference about Europe and the beef sector. 

In addition to this, several showrooms with stakeholders and workshop with influencers will be run. These are opportunities to present the campaign and the products with the aim of raising awareness about the quality of European beef also through cooking shows and tasting. 

And, to conclude about the program of the activities of this new year, some study trips to Spain will be organized to show the sector to Japanese and Vietnamese importers.

We are very excited about the wide series of activities that are being organized and we hope these ones will be very successful! 

Stay tuned about WWB 2.0 activities! 



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