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UAE beef importers

Provacuno welcomes UAE beef importers under a Trade Mission to Spain

The trade mission is to promote the characteristics of European Beef from Spain among professionals from the UAE beef sector

The Spanish beef interprofessional association organized a delegation of 5 top UAE beef importers to visit several Spanish plants and farms as part of its Wonderful Beef 2.0 campaign as a trade misión, from 11th to 16th September.

On the first day, the group of UAE beef importers traveled to a renowned cattle farm, which stands out at the national level for being one of the largest producers of calves born and raised on its farms through the development of homogeneous lines in breeds, sexes, conformations, and fat. The participants learned about Spanish beef, who emphasized productive capacity and extensive control from the source to create recognized quality meat.

On the second day, the UAE participants traveled to Buñol (Valencia) and toured a massive 55,000 square meter Slaughterhouse facility, through which the 5 participants learned about the safety and quality of EU – Spanish beef, which follows a strict and safe European production model.

The third day of the mission involved a trip to Barcelona, where the emirate group were guied to a tour of one of Spain’s most long-standing beef production organizations in the local region, with a history dating back over 100 years. The UAE vendors witnessed the practice of extensive product traceability. The last day of the trip concluded at Mercamadrid, where the UAE team visited a state-of-the-art beef processing plant. These facilities are under the strictest safety & hygiene requirements and represent a clear competitive value in their beef that allows the company to guarantee the best conditions for the final product.

The trade mission by Provacuno received rave reviews from the participants. The UAE beef importers appreciated each key points conveyed from the trade mission: from the selective cattle breeding program and supply chain, top-class slaughterhouse and storage facilities, dedication to traceability, state-of-the-art facilities, packing robots, foreign body detection, as well as the EPM’s strict regulations.



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