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Vietnamese beef importers

The study trip organized by Provacuno for Vietnamese importers had a very positive result!

Again, this year, PROVACUNO welcomed Vietnamese beef importers for a study trip to Spain as part of the actions organized under its campaign What Wonderful European Beef 2.0.

Several Vietnamese beef importers arrived in Spain on February 11th for a 6-day reverse mission trip where they visited beef exporters, farms, feedlots, slaughterhouses and markets, and were also able to enjoy Spanish gastronomy in the best restaurants. During their trip, the importers visited leading Spanish beef companies in the regions of Cataluña and Aragón, and in Madrid.

This initiative was made possible thanks to a program financed by the European Union, What Wonderful European Beef 2.0, which supports European beef companies in promoting and selling European beef.

Vietnamese beef importers were very satisfied about the experience. They were grateful to have been able to discover each key point of the European beef sector of Spain: the selective cattle breeding program and supply chain, top-class slaughterhouse and storage facilities, dedication to traceability, state-of-the-art facilities, packing robots, foreign body detection, as well as the EPM’s strict regulations.

Thanks to this mission, the importers have very good predictions about the collaboration with the Spanish industry.



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