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What Wonderful Beef 2.0! Programme Begins On-Site Actions in KSA with the support of the Spanish Embassy in Riyadh

The campaign brings the high quality and taste of European beef from Spain to the country through a series of activities

Riyadh, March 2022: Provacuno kicks off the second term of the What Wonderful EU Beef! campaign in KSA with a series of activities to promote European Beef in the country. The campaign will include a masterclass and showroom for importers and key players from the market of Saudi Arabia – the spotlight is on the high quality and taste of the European beef from Spain.

The activities will kick off with a series of events that will take place in Riyadh at the end of March 2022. The 1st event will be an exclusive showroom that will take place in the Spanish Ambassador premises in Riyadh on the 29th of March, featuring a live cooking demonstration and multi-course dinner prepared by Michelin-starred chef Israel Mantua. The chef will also be hosting a Masterclass using EU Beef from Spain at one of Saudi’s top culinary schools. 

 “We are excited to bring What Wonderful Beef 2.0 to KSA after the success of the first campaign. We highly appreciate the support of the Spanish Embassy and Ambassador in Riyadh” said José Ramón Godoy – International manager of PROVACUNO. “The KSA has always been important to us, as a country that appreciate great quality and great food. We encourage Saudis to use our beef with their traditional meals.”

European Beef from Spain is known for its excellent quality due to the precise and strict European Production Model which outlines Animal Health and Feeding Regulations, Animal Welfare, Sustainability and Respect for the Environment, and Traceability and Food Safety measures. The solely grain-fed beef is classified based on age of the animal and sold in a variety of food-grade cuts. Beef produced in the EU is also hormone-free and reared sustainably to promote food security within the European Union and abroad. Europe and Spain follow stringent checking systems all along the production process from farm to table which assures that the best beef reach the consumers’ plate.



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