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What Wonderful European Beef!

European beef from Spain reaches KSA to revolutionize the Saudi dining experience, transforming the local chefs into European beef connoisseurs

‘What Wonderful European Beef! 2.0' programme will host masterclasses in Riyadh next January to teach future chefs in the KSA market how to cook European beef thus strengthening the ties between the KSA and the European culture.

Provacuno is embarking on a gastronomic journey that promises to improve the culinary experience in Saudi Arabia. Focusing on the versatility of European beef from Spain, ‘What wonderful European Beef!’ aims to educate and inspire local professionals of the sector, consumers and prescriptions on how to incorporate this premium meat into their traditional recipes, while celebrating the growing influence of European cuisine in the Kingdom.

Known for championing the excellence of European beef from Spain, Provacuno is setting the stage for a culinary fusion like no other. The aim is not only to showcase the exceptional quality of European Beef from Spain, but also to show our future top chefs how it can blend harmoniously with the rich culinary traditions of Saudi Arabia.

To illustrate the incredible versatility of our beef in Saudi cuisine, Provacuno proposes a journey into the heart of traditional recipes. Think of a classic Saudi dish like ‘kabsa’ reimagined with the tenderness of European beef from Spain, adding a delightful twist that preserves the authenticity of the dish while enhancing its flavour profile.“. – José Ramón Godoy, International Director of Provacuno.

To give visibility to the European beef from Spain and to the campaign, Provacuno is planning a series of events, masterclasses and cooking demonstrations in collaboration with renowned Spanish chefs. These events will not only showcase the remarkable versatility of European beef from Spain, but will also provide local consumers and chefs with hands-on experience in mastering the art of fusion.

By presenting a traditional Saudi dish enhanced by the remarkable characteristics of European beef, the versatility of European meat from Spain in Saudi cuisine can be demonstrated. The tenderness and juiciness of the product can enhance the flavour and texture of Saudi Arabian beef dishes such as mathbi, kabsa and jareesh. It adds a distinctive and adaptable flavour to both traditional and creative recipes, whether served in large pieces or finely chopped.

By using the European beef from Spain, local chefs can maintain the authenticity of Saudi cuisine while adding a distinctive twist to classic recipes, whose outstanding quality and flavour will undoubtedly make a big impact on the local culinary scene. In addition, European beef production has been adapted to meet halal standards, making it the perfect match for the Saudi market.



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