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Wonderful European Beef Vietnam

What Wonderful European Beef! Will be present in Vietnam at FHV this November

PROVACUNO, the Agro-food Interprofessional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry, will attend the Food & Hotel Fair (FHV) Exhibition in Hanoi from the 21th to the 23th of November (BOTH D2-01) to keep promoting European Beef from Spain in Vietnam.

Provacuno represents approximately 85% of the beef industry in Spain, including both producers and processors. The interprofessional association is leading and implementing the European promotional campaign “What Wonderful European Beef 2.0”, whose main goal is to promote European high-quality products in Vietnam.

European beef from Spain is unique for its versatility, offering many alternatives on the plate. The variety of possibilities depending on the age of the animal, the nuances offered by a cereal-based diet and the strict adherence to the EUROPEAN PRODUCTION MODEL make for excellent quality beef.

Within the frame of the campaign, PROVACUNO will be also developing a serie of promotional activities, starting in Da Nang with the celebration of an ‘EU Beef from Spain Festival’ on 16th November, continuing in Hanoi with a ‘VIP dinner’ with meat importers on 20th November and an event with KOL during the F&H Exhibition on 22th November to give them the opportunity to keep learning more and taste European beef.

Trade relations between the European Union and Vietnam have been growing in recent years. If we talk about Spain, in 2022, the country was one of the main beef suppliers to Vietnam, ranking in the 6th position with a volume of more than 2,000 tons. Furthermore, Spain was the first country in the European Union to export beef to Vietnam, accounting for 52% of beef exports in terms of volume, followed by France and Denmark.

With the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the European Union in 2020, the import tax will be gradually reduced. The Vietnamese population has increased its purchasing power and interest in international cuisine, making Vietnam an important country for European beef exporters.



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